HUBSPOT3 Unveiled at INBOUND12

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Well the announcement has been made and the secrets have been revealed. In their special announcement to INBOUND12 co-founders of HubSpot CEO Brian Halligan and CTO Dharmesh Shah officially announced the release of HUBSPOT3, their next gen of their comprehensive inbound marketing suite.HUBSPOT 3 promised to be an easier to use, integrated marketing platform that features everything a marketer could want as well other new innovations.


What are these innovations you say?


  • A Centralized Marketing Database with CRM integration

  • Email and Lead Nurturing

  • Marketing Automation through Workflows

  • Landing Pages, A/B Testing and Smart Forms

  • Dynamic Content 

  • Social Media Nurturing and ROI Analytics

  • Multichannel Marketing Analytics


The highlights to me are the new and improved database management for your contacts, a new functionality called Worksflows to help manage clients and your own work better, new and improved Landing Pages and Smart CTA’s, better social media sharing and intel, improved integration with HubSpot founding investor and a better, more in-depth mobile experience. I’m excited to see more “Dynamic Content” and the social media contacts tool as well.


HubSpot may indeed be fulfilling their promise to “make marketing that people love”. The goal here is a better user experience (as they like to say at Hs: 1+1=3) and I have to say this is pretty exciting stuff, even from a skeptic (at times) like me. You can check out the new platform here, download the preview from Itunes (!) and see a demo via the announcement on LinkedIN.

 Hubspot3 demo video on YouTube, TwistIMC,

We’ll be bringing you a recap of this story and the rest of Day 3 at #INBOUND12 later on.





Keith Chachkes (@Keefy)