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Twist IMC is a consulting firm focused on helping brands with their digital marketing challenges. With personalized consulting services, workshops, and hands-on training, we help your team understand how to develop successful strategies that engage customers and drive meaningful results. No two plans are the same- let us help you create a strategy for your team and your customer!

What We Do

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Overwhelmed by the possibilities in digital? Maybe you already work with a team or agency but just want knowledgeable partner to talk through the various options in marketing communications?  We’ve got your back!

With so many options in digital right now- it is easy to get lost. Advisory Services give you flexible access to Nicole Ames’ expertise to help you through a range of needs.  From vetting and evaluating resources to re-focusing business objectives and avoiding costly mistakes, having Nicole in your corner gives you more than an extra set of eyes– it’s the advantage of an ‘outsider’ perspective who is soley focused on your goals and what’s best for your brand.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Do you need help developing new ideas for your digital marketing– or understanding the trends vs. what’s trendy?  Our consulting services build on the integrated best practices we’ve developed over 20 years in all facets of strategic marketing  and communications.

Consulting services are hands-on and focused on business objectives to achieve measurable outcomes.  From building customer personas to developing brand stories, to executing digital customer journeys, we can work with your team– corporate or agency– to provide a fresh perspective for new campaigns or simply, offer added bench-strength expertise to win an important client.

Team Workshops

Team Workshops

Do you ever feel that the pace of technology has left you behind?  You are not alone.  Digital communication tools, trends and best practices require regular updates of your team’s skills to understand the tools and techniques that will engage customers.

With topics ranging from Digital Media Strategy to Storytelling for brands, these sessions are designed for groups from 5-20 participants and are customized for your industry. Highly interactive, workshops engage your team, to address challenges so with a focus on frameworks and next steps to apply what you learn.

Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements

A member of the National Speaker’s association, Nicole Ames is a expert speaker and seasoned facilitator.  Her unique experience as a corporate executive, an entrepreneur and an instructor at esteemed schools such as Harvard, Emerson and BU, allows Nicole to apply her perspective for insightful and entertaining presentations.

Nicole offers keynote speeches on a range of digital topics and can also act as an expert facilitator to lead panel discussions. To enquire about these services, please fill out the form below.

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