Nicole Ames

By coaching marketers to develop integrated strategies, creating innovative digital plans, and helping teams understand the importance of new media, Nicole Ames has been an agent of change for countless brands. In the decade since founding Twist IMC, Nicole has engaged and inspired Fortune 500 companies and executives, and molded start-up brands and entrepreneurs to transform their footprint in the digital marketing ecosphere. By combining insights and experience with major brands, Twist IMC offers a range of services from inspired workshops to c-suite advisory services, to recast disparate teams into dynamic success stories.

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Nicole's Work

Nicole works with brands across the US to help bring their marketing practices to the digital era. Applying her years of graduate-level teaching to create workshops that help teams build relevant, digital marketing skills and creative story narratives for their companies. With real-world examples and a focus on business results, executive teams gain key insights that can transform their marketing strategies from flat to fluid.

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Nicole's Impact

Nicole is influencing a new generation of marketing leaders by teaching at several esteemed institutions in the Boston area including, Harvard, Emerson and Boston University’s Questrom School of Management. As a published author, she is recognized for her expertise in social and digital media and their impact on marketing strategy and business applications.

Prior to Twist IMC, Nicole was the Director of Global Communications at Western Union, creating the first integrated plan for 250,000 agent locations worldwide. At Liberty Mutual, Nicole managed the B2B strategy for the award-winning “Responsibility Project”, including print and digital advertising, as well as mobile and social media initiatives.


Nicole is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is both a member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) the National Speakers Bureau (NSA)