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Known for her engaging presentation style, Nicole Ames is an expert instructor and facilitator, having delivered more than 300 client workshops along with teaching executive education seminars at Harvard.

Twist IMC Workshops are a great way to realign executive teams and gain a new perspective on business strategy in the digital age. At its core, workshops are hands-on, built to identify strengths and change soft spots into opportunities. We can demystify the clutter of the digital space from understanding emerging platforms, to building diverse communities with your best customers

Workshops are offered in 1, 2 and 5-day formats and are delivered onsite. Below are examples of popular workshops, but custom programs are also available.

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Sample workshops:

  1. Digital Marketing Strategy
  2. Social Media for Business
  3. Storytelling for Brands
  4. Digital Content Marketing
  5. Integrated Marketing Communications

Onsite workshops are highly engaging and meant to bring teams together for an experience that helps to reestablish priorities, and develop new creative ideas and plans that fully leverage the many opportunities to engage customers in a digital era. Please fill out the workshop form for more detail about topics and pricing.

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